5 keys to starting the year with a BANG!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! A couple of weeks into the New Year and it feels like the last time you uttered those words was months ago! Does it already seem like the same old, same old?  Good News! It doesn’t have to be!!

For many of us the return to work begins this month after a well deserved holiday – now is your chance to take that holiday-fresh-feeling and apply it to the work place. Here are our top 5 ways to start your working year with a bang!

1. Prepare a clean slate
If you left the office in a frenzy of Christmas activity and year end deadlines, chances are, the Christmas elves were way too busy spreading Christmas cheer to make it to your office to tidy up and organise your files for the coming year. So your first task is to tidy up your desk, sort your emails, finish off outstanding agenda items, sign off on all outstanding paperwork and organise your files.

2. Gauge the Mood
Don’t assume that everyone is feeling as pumped at the thought of a new year as you are. Take the time to gauge the mood – have a coffee with your key managers and team members and get a read on the previous year. What worked, what could be improved upon and what Professional Development may be needed. This action will go a long way to helping you set realistic, achievable targets for the year ahead and get the crucial buy-in you need from your team.

3. Goal!!!!
The saying ‘what gets focus gets achieved’ is so true! Your role as Leader and Manager is to take the higher company goals and break them down into goals that are realistic and achievable for your team. To be effective these goals need to be SMARTAS – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time based, Agreed and Stretching.

4. Rally the Troops
Not many of us have gotten to where we are without the help of others. For some people it’s their job to help and for others it’s a choice. Either way, say thank you for the year that was. Provide the vision and way forward for the New Year, ensuring everyone feels appreciated and gets on board to meet the goals set down for 2012.

5. On Track
Following on from your ‘Rally the Troops’ meeting it’s a great idea to give each team member a take-away of the goals for the year so they (and you) have something to refer to and therefore keeping everyone on track. It’s a great practice to have each team member place a copy in their office, or work station where it can be easily seen.

Great Achievements start with great Goals!
Happening People can help you set effective goals that will give you, your team and your organisation better business results.



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2 responses to “5 keys to starting the year with a BANG!!

  1. Very handy five points and i especially enjoy points 1 and 2. Before you can take someone to where you want them to be, you must start with where they are at. Having a meeting with stake holders to discover their 2012 vision will help you create synergy and maxamin impact.

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