Whether you’re the Interviewer or Interviewee this will assist your preparation. 

The Behavioural Interview is a structured interview style derived from the belief that past behaviour is a good predictor of future behaviour. It is used as a sound platform to assess your suitability and likely success in a particular role, commonly referred to as ‘a candidate of best fit’.  This interview style was previously used only to assess behaviour of senior and executive candidates but is now used across most levels.   Each question is based on a simple method which we call the “CAR” method. 

Context: Ask the candidate to describe the situation
Action:  What did the candidate do themselves to resolve, solve or create the situation?
Result:  What was the outcome?

For example:
People at all levels in our organisation are asked to lead projects.  What kinds of projects have you lead in the past?  What did you do and what were the benefits and outcomes to the business?

Here are the top 5 things to consider when designing and selecting Interview questions to ask that will ensure they are in line with the position description, the organisational /team culture or the skills gaps of the department.   
1.  Know which behaviours/competencies are required by reviewing the position description and its requirements. 
2.  Think of particular situations you have been in that demonstrate your competency for each behaviour.
3.  Ask skills based questions along with values and cultural based questions.
4.  Remember there is no correct answer, you are simply looking for the ‘candidate of best fit’ for the role.
5.  Prioritise your questions as you may not have time to ask all the questions you have.

Examples of Behavioural based questions
Tell me about a time you took a new idea to your manager?  How did you plan and present your idea and what was the response?

Can you give me an example of a time you had to complete a work process or project plan in a way you were not used to?  How did you go about it, particularly working with others and what was the result?

Decision Making
Walk me through a situation where you had to make an ‘unpopular’ decision with a member of your team. How did you manager your emotions and get buy in from the team.  What benefits did you achieve?
Not every decision we make is a good one. Describe for me one that did not go well. What would you do differently next time?

Can you please describe a time when you needed to negotiate with a supplier?  What process did you use and how was the result different to your goal?

Goal Setting
Strategic execution is important in our business.  Describe for me a time you had to set goals for your team. How did you gain their support?  What did they achieve?

If you’d really like to get your head around the complexities of the Interview Process, contact Happening People we can help to increase your organisations overall effectiveness and  get you better business results.



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