Top 5 Solution Selling Skills

Everyone sells!  Leaders and Managers sell ideas and change whilst parents sell bath time!

 The simple technique of selling is Transactional Selling i.e. Do you want to up size that meal.  A product or service is provided to a customer who provides payment in return. It is usually completed quickly and with minimal engagement from both seller and customer or prospect. 

 Our MD (Samuel Day) says “Solution Selling is a more refined and engaging approach to transactional selling and one that rewards not only the customer but the sales person too.  It is longer, richer, more complex yet provides more meaningful client relationships with increased loyalty and increased employee and customer satisfaction… is possible!” 

A solution based selling approach is one where the seller explores the needs of the prospect through communication and actively engages and works with the prospect to devise and deliver a resolution or a solution to address the need. 

Below are top 5 skills of a good solutions seller! 

1. Identify the customer and their behaviour
Good sales people can identify customers’ behavioural patterns and build rapport with them quickly.  We use the DiSC model to help sales people with this but there are many others.

2. Listen, Listen and Listen some more then listen some more again!
To truly understand the customer’s needs a good sales person does two things.
a. Actively listen, meaning more and talk less, the old 80-20 rule.
b. Often customers are so caught up in dealing with the symptoms of the problem   they don’t really know what the issue is. To get to the heart of this they need to use some investigative questioning? These are open questions that elicit a response of more than just ‘yes’ or ‘no’. 
E.g. What type of customer service training are you currently using?
What’s not working?
When you first started using this approach to training what where you hoping to achieve/ address?
Good sales people are clear on having two ears and one mouth and talking in that proportion.

3. Help the customer design the solution
The best way to get the prospect on board is to get them to help craft the solution.  To simply ‘push’ products or service onto the prospect may result in their going elsewhere as they have no ‘buy in’ to the solution. A collaborative effort demonstrates to the prospect right from the start you are building a relationship and a joint commitment.  It is harder for them to walk away from a relationship than just a product or a service.

4. Present the solution
Good sales people are able to present solutions well to customers.  They do this in language which the customer understands ie it fits well with their culture, industry and business.  At this point there are no surprises for the customer as they have worked with the sales person in the design.

5. Manage, Close, Check results
Stay involved every step of the way. If it’s your team who is executing the implementation make sure they come to you with problems or concerns.  Make sure the sales person follows through and resolves customer concerns or issues along the way to ensure you deliver the result promised. Continue to add value – keep looking for ways to ‘delight’ your customer, that will result in repeat business where possible.

If you’re intersted in increasing the Skills of your Sales people, check out the Happening People  Sales Program or better still call us to discuss how together we can customise a Sales Program to suit your needs.


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