Building BETTER RELATIONSHIPS in the Workplace

What do Bill Hewlett & David Packard, Barrack & Michelle Obama, The Warner Brothers, Richard & Maurice McDonald, Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire and our very own Sarah- Jane Clarke (sass) & Heidi Middleton (bide) and The Wiggles have in common? They have all built their success by building good relationships and teams.

With relationships the focus of St Valentines Day tomorrow, here are your top 5 for bettering relations in the workplace and boosting the effectiveness of your team.

1. Open the channels of communication
It’s no surprise communication is the first cab off the rank in this Top 5! Effective communication is the corner stone to building successful relationships. The keys to effective communication lays in good body language, the use of clear and concise language, offering a consistent message and showing patience.

2. Build trust & earn respect
The big ‘C’ is the key ingredient to building trust – Commitment! One of the easiest ways to do this is to do what you say you will do! When it comes to earning respect from your fellow workers it’s quickest achieved through displaying exemplary behaviours, a good attitude, quality work and being reliable.

3. Seek to understand
It’s not always easy to get along with all of your peers and superiors. The workplace is filled with a myriad of personality types. Throw into the mix a stress filled and competitive environment and it’s easy to see how conflict arises in the office.
One of the best ways to build better relationships in this difficult environment is to truly seek to understand the other person and to show empathy. Don’t be quick to judge and give them the benefit of the doubt.

4. Listen
Listening sounds easy enough, but there are a number of techniques to take you from a good listener to an active listener. Besides the old saying is true when we listen more we learn more. In a work place setting active listening saves time and money by preventing misunderstandings. Active listening techniques include, engaging with the speaker by facing them and maintaining eye contact, minimising distractions, responding appropriately, minimising internal distractions by focusing on the words spoken and keeping an open mind.

5. Seek out their Passions
How well do you really know the people you work with? It might be time to find out what they do outside the office, what’s their passion, who is important in their lives outside of 8am to 6pm?
By understanding the bigger picture you can build deeper relationships and a greater bond and most importantly for the business, long term results.

Remember, roses might be red and violets might be blue but when you build great relationships you and the business will reap the benefits too!

If you need help in boosting relationship performance in the workplace Happening People will be happy to discuss how we can tailor a Team Effectiveness and Growth Program or a Powerful Communications Program to your business.



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