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Type into Google three simple words – ‘Outshine your peers’ and you will be amazed what comes up.  There is a Facebook page promoting men’s business shoes.  A business forum suggesting that to outshine your boss is career suicide, an entrepreneurs website offering five ways to outshine the competition, an American visual arts and college spruiking that if you study through them you’re one step away from international stardom, a how to site offering tips on how to become a footballing legend and most surprising (or not) a website for parents offering online tutoring for kindy kids!

The element of competition begins from an early age with parents and individuals seeking secret tips on ways to get ahead of those around them.  Such a statement often brings to mind the notion of many similar looking people clambering over each other to get to pol position.

But do you need a secret weapon to shine? Do you really need to be scratching at your peers to get in front or is there a more simple yet sophisticated way to be the star of the show?

Happening People deliver you our Top 5 to shining brighter than your peers.
1. Have a positive attitude
Your attitude is reflected in your behaviours.  If you come from a place of positivity it will affect everything you do.   You will more likely be resourceful and innovative when faced with a problem and look for a real solution.  Positive energy begets positive energy.  People instinctively gravitate towards people with good energy.  Therefore it stands to reason a team member who is considered resourceful and solutions focus will naturally stand out from a crowd.
If you are having a positive energy slump, bare these two ideas in mind:
1. Success is born from attitude not aptitude!
2. Practice mastering your winning attitude, the more you practice overcoming negative thoughts the easier it is to have a positive outlook.

2. Possess a strong work ethic
Ever read a job description which didn’t list a strong work ethic as a must have?  It would be a rare employer who did not rank work ethic as imperative to an employee’s success.  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar one of the most celebrated players in basketball history was recently asked by Harvard Business Review; “which is more important, talent or practice?” He responded “I think that to really excel, you need both. But a good work ethic trumps lazy talent every time.”

3. Fill in for your colleagues and boss
The saying ‘Act as if’ is a good one.  It implies that if you want to get ahead of the ‘game’ you need to demonstrate the qualities, attitudes and behaviours of what you aspire to be and not what you already are.  For example one of the best ways to get noticed at work is to take the opportunities to do your bosses job.  In most organisations when a manager takes leave a colleague or member of the team acts in the role.  This is a golden opportunity to shine and show others what you are made of outside of what they have already seen.

4. Offer assistance and share knowledge with new colleagues
Not everyone is a born leader, but when you got it – flaunt it! (In the nicest way possible!).  Like a positive attitude draws and engages people so does a natural leader. In a close team environment where there is a number of like personality types and job talents, there aren’t always huge opportunities to shine.  However a rare chance to induct a new colleague, guiding them and sharing your knowledge will afford you the opportunity to establish yourself as a leader amongst your peers.

5. Strive to improve yourself and become an expert
No matter what field you are in it is probably safe to say you have competitors both internal and external. There are those internal colleagues who want the job you want and there are those outside your organisation who want it too!   You can no longer maintain yourself as a good worker anymore; to really stand out from the crowd you need to become a ‘noted expert’ in your field.  To stay in front post graduate studies and training are becoming essential to move through the ranks more swiftly.

Remember there is more to gain by shining brightly in a team than trying to outshine the team.

We’ve worked with thousands of Managers and Leaders to boost their effectiveness and help them shine.
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