Grow your own Talents

There is a saying, “no one cares more about your money more than you do”, in fact that saying can apply to so much more than just your finances, think about your health, your family, your pets, your spiritual wellbeing?  But what about your own talents?  Who is caring for these?  Are you caring and nurturing them or waiting for them to be nurtured?

A survey into professional development conducted by Happening People over the past two years shows that on average only 57% of working Australians had completed a professional development course in the previous 12 months to the survey and of those 64% completed the course externally, outside of the organisation they worked for.

Almost 15% of working Australians haven’t received any professional development training within 5 to 10 years.  A staggering statistic in a time where unemployment in Australia is relatively low and there is a high skills shortage.  So why not take advantage of this business climate and look after ‘you’ in more ways than one?

Happening People have a terrific Top 5 to give you a kick start on growing your talents.
1.  Focus your attention
What talents do you want to nurture?  This question can be a difficult one to answer if the talents you have are not the ones you have been recruited for? This can take some soul searching and is a whole other conversation around best fit.  The simplest approach is to look at your job role in its entirety, from here pinpoint your key strengths and strengthen those.  This will set you apart from the rest of the employment market as today’s market is looking for individuals with strong core capabilities.

2.  What’s on?
Have a chat, with your manager, your Human Resources representative and or your mentor and find out what training is available to you through your organisation.  They may partner with a particular training organisation like ours and be able to enrol you in a suitable program to boost your skills.  If not, why not take a look at what suitable training is available and make recommendations to your line manager or HR department.  Or look at funding available through scholarships, tax relief and student concessions and see if you can qualify for funding to help with the cost of supporting your own training.

3.  Find the best
Sure, having a certificate, diploma or degree is a great asset and is a documented history of your capabilities and talents, but they can also be costly.  For some it will be the only path for example a business leader who gains their MBA may have more options out in the market place than another who doesn’t.  But there are many options available. A graphic designer might use an evening college to gain more experience with a particular creative program, a Contact Centre Team Leader might attend a public training program to further their effective communication skills or a Senior Executive may use the services of an Executive Coach to take them to the next level.

4.  Commit
So the hard work has been done, you are enrolled in a form of training and education matching your requirements from point 1.  You are at the ‘doing bit’ to nurturing your talents. Now is the time to focus and dig deep and get all you can from your training.  Learn as much as you can from the time you have and really grow those skills with the aim of making yourself more marketable in your current role and with the organisation you already work for as well as the wider job market.

5.  Carry on
Now that you are in the swing of it, carry on and keep going.  You will find once you are on the journey of learning and nurturing your talents you will want to keep going.  Not only does it make you more appealing to your organisation and strengthen your career prospects it is a deeply satisfying and indeed rewarding road of discovery.

Happening People have been partnering with organisations similar to yours for over 16 years.  In fact
1 in 500 working Australians have attended a Happening People corporate training program and nurtured their talents. Have you?

If not, call Happening People on 1800 68 67 69 or go to  we’d be happy to discuss how we can help you and your organisation nurture your talents


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