Get more leadership from your leader

 Are you one of the 29% of corporate Australian workers who believe their bosses are ineffective leaders?    Are you frustrated by the perceived lack of leadership from your leader? Is your company’s performance faltering under poor leadership?

Happening People conducted a survey which asked participants to rate the effectiveness of their current leader, 3 out of every 10 participants surveyed believed their boss or leader to be ineffective.

To add to this argument The Hays Group in 2010 reported that 70% of China’s managers did not help or encourage their people and they reported worldwide that leadership accounts for 70% of corporate atmosphere and corporate atmosphere accounts for 21% of company performance.

These statistics suggest Australia whilst fairing much better than China in its leadership effectiveness still has room for improvement.  It also suggests an ineffective leader has a significant impact not only on their own teams but on the company as a whole.

So what can be done so you can work for an effective leader? Short of an overnight leadership spill characteristic of the political arena it’s not likely your leader is going to change in the short term.  However there are steps you can take to get more leadership from your current leader.

Happening People gives you our TOP 5 on Getting more Leadership from your Leader

  1. Understand Your Leader
    Looking at your boss or leader objectively can be a difficult task in itself especially when their actions impact us directly.   You need to decide whether your leader is not demonstrating their leadership qualities because they simply do not possess them, they are under so much pressure to manage the business they aren’t able to lead as much as they desire or they really don’t have a clue that their leadership is crucial to their success, yours and the organisation. Once you know where your leader is coming from you are better equip to manage how to get the leadership from them you need.
  2. Let them know what you need them to do
    Don’t assume your leader knows what you need from them as a leader.  Don’t assume they know your capabilities and development areas and don’t assume they know what to do with them if they do.  Spend some time with them, understand how they work and in turn let them know what you need from them.  For example you could say in your next catch up with them, ‘I would like to develop my presentation skills.  When next there is an opportunity for a team member of yours to present to the General Managers Monthly Meeting could I do the presentation and you provide me with feedback?  “Or I really don’t understand how what we do affects the organisations bottom line; can you do a short presentation for us in our next team meeting?”
  3. Let them know when they aren’t doing it
    Sure, your leader may agree to work with you but other commitments and deadline pressures can get in the way. When next you catch up remain calm and cool headed, raise the issue, be honest but respectful and work to bridge the gap.
  4. “Be the change you seek”
    These famous words from Ghandi serves as a reminder that change starts from within. There is no point sitting in restless agitation and annoyance that you do not get to work with your ‘dream boss’ every day.  Be the change in spite of your leader.  Take the initiative and inspire yourself and those around you. For example if team morale is low and your leader doesn’t know how or seem to want to address it, why not organise a team lunch or morning tea or after work outing to reaffirm team commitment and bond. The idea here is not to undermine your leaders’ position but rather to work with those around you to create a positive atmosphere.
  5. Know when to walk away
    If after all this your leader still chooses not to engage in leading you and your team it might be time to have a quiet conversation with your HR department or a more senior manager and voice your concerns.  This takes a great deal of diplomacy and tact and needs to be actioned with caution.  If they seem resistant to discussing your concerns it might be time to consider a change!  There are loads of leaders out there as well as organisations that embrace strong ideals around leadership and endorse, encourage and train effective leaders and leadership it’s just a matter of finding one!

Happening People know good leadership when they see it. In fact they have been working with great Leaders throughout Australia and Asia-Pacific for over sixteen years. They provide a range of Leadership training programs as well as Executive Coaching to put leadership front and centre in your business. Call Happening People on 1800 68 67 69 or go to


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