Top 5 – How to Succeed No Matter What

How do you define success?  Is it exceeding your sales budget?  Is it establishing financial security, having a fully engaged team or picking and choosing your working hours?  The answer to ‘Success’ can be unique for each of us at work.

Moreover are you actually the ‘master of your own destiny?’ to achieve your success?   We conducted an online survey  asking participants ‘do you believe you have complete control of your success in the workplace?.  It seems most of us believe we do for 72% of respondents believed that they were in control of their success in the workplace.

Whilst we may not have complete control over our lives, with fate, the universe, karma and Mother Nature playing their role, it has been proven that what we focus on brings results, so focusing on success surely means we will be closer to it.  In an aid to bridge the gap between dreaming of success and having it here at Happening People we give you our Top 5 on How to Succeed at Work No Matter What!

1. Passion
Real success comes when you take what you love doing every day and get paid for it – think Tiger Woods, Nicole Kidman, Steve Jobs and Oprah.  Passion is a driver of success.   Are you doing what you love to do? Sure we can’t all be world class golfers or actors or Oprah but we can think about what we love doing and turn that into our paid work.  Maybe you love gardening and floral arrangements, what about opening your own florist, maybe you love vintage cars, you could work as an auctioneer for vintage car or private sales.   If that isn’t an option you can take hold of immediately then think about your current role, think about the best bits of the role and how you can engineer your role to do more of it.

2. Believe
Plenty of people can tell you “You will be successful” but unless you truly believe it success is unlikely to be within your reach. No matter what your colleagues might say, no matter what you see around you at work, or the thoughts come to you during quiet time during your lunch break,  you are the only person who can know what it is you want out of life.  This is not an overnight process it can take time before you truly believe success can be yours, until then “fake it until you make it”.

3. Pick Your Skills
To excel at something takes, focus, practice and dedication.  We don’t see an Olympian win gold medals in both swimming and track and field.  There is an expression “pick your lane and stay in it”.  Sure we can juggle competing deadlines for a time but even then something has to give.  In your job think about a particular area of your role and focus on succeeding at it.  Then pick another and then another.  It takes controlled focus to develop the skills necessary to excel.  Ask your manager or human resources what courses and Professional Development Programs they offer to boost the skills critical to your success.

4. Never Give Up
This is easier said than done, setbacks can hurt, they can be personal and can be personally damaging if you aren’t able to manage the fallout.  That being said if you are honestly convinced you will succeed then you are unlikely to quit.  Sometimes in the pursuit of success we may make a wrong turn, we may take a job promotion or a new role thinking it will nudge us closer to our success, only to find the reverse is true.  There is no failure only learning’s of what to do differently next time.

5. Learn from the Nay-Sayers!
Every successful person needs a good cheer squad. We often look to our superiors for approval, and often we get it but if you don’t, do not despair, use it as an opportunity to sit down with your Manager, coach or mentor and find out what actions and behaviours they need to see from you that will help you succeed in the workplace. Now it’s your turn!  What does success look like to you?

Happening People believe in success for they have helped thousands of individuals achieve it through the corporate training and executive coaching programs throughout Australia and Asia.

If business or professional success is a stranger to you, call Happening People, we can help make it a friend for life! Call us on 1800 68 67 69 or go to


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