Top 5 – Changes You Can Make in the Workplace to Improve Your Health

Healthy LifestyleFeeling tired and sluggish or finding it hard to make it to 3pm without raiding the office cookie jar?  Does your business suit feel a little too snug?

In one of our online surveys we found over 60% of people said the organisation they worked for offered Health programs to their staff.  It is encouraging to see so many organisations supporting their employees in the pursuit of a healthier mind and body in the workplace supporting studies which prove that a healthy employee is a productive employee.

We have long believed that organisations who nurture the holistic employee are not only see better productivity but are better able to attract and retain employees.

So along with our Corporate Training and Professional Development Programs our new Leadership Wellbeing Specialist – David Contarini – is on hand to get your organisation on the healthy track with programs aimed at improving your employees health and lifestyle.  In the meantime we offer you our Top 5 – Changes you can make in the workplace to improve your health.

1. Walking During Lunch revealed a study that confirms that doing something as simple as a brisk 30 minute walk during lunch breaks can boost weight loss. The study found that women who increased their activity level by an additional 3,500 steps a day lost 2.5 kgs during the year.  The study found that men who added an additional 3500 steps to their day lost over 4kgs per year. Walking is a suitable physical activity for most people as it is low impact and easy to do. Regular walking can help you not only lose body fat but it can help  maintain a healthy weight, improve your fitness and reduce your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and some cancers.   And keep you motivated in the afternoons.

2. Bring Your Own Lunch
Processed foods contain some of the highest levels of sodium and preservatives than any foods consumed in a normal diet. If you are regularly buying your lunch from restaurants, food courts or other kiosks, you are being exposed to these high levels of sodium which can total three times the daily recommended amount of sodium from one meal. Some other benefits include:
– Eating more nutritious meals as you can plan your lunch
– Less ‘binge’ eating as you can eat when you are hungry not when you are ‘famished’
– Increase in overall weight loss
– A decrease in the amount of bloating or water retention
– Less money spent on fast food = more money in your hip pocket

3. Stand Up
Stand every 30 minutes for a 10 minute break, this breaks fatigue, promotes blood and nutrients circulation.  A couple of tips to get you moving in the right direction;

  1. Rather than send an email. Walk to the other end of the office and talk to the person you are sending the email to.
  2. Take the stairs as often as you can throughout the day.
  3. Have a walking meeting

4. Drink Water
Water is essential for the human body. The body cannot store water and must have fresh supplies every day to perform virtually every metabolic process.  Most mature adults lose about 2.5–3 litres of water per day. Water loss may be more in hot weather and with prolonged exercise. Therefore it is vital to restore this water loss at work, by drinking at least 1 litre of water there per day.  If you work out doors you would need to drink much more than this to replenish water loss.

5. Get The office Involved
Many workplaces have fresh fruit on offer, the staff of Careflight Queensland cleverly bought a blender for the office and used any leftover fruit to blend into a healthy smoothie.

  1. Enter a work team for a beginner’s triathlon, or a Corporate Rowing or Dragon Boating Challenge.
  2. One IT organisation got together on a weekend and built a walking track around their office for lunch time use.

Happening People’s new Nourish Program delivered by our Leadership Wellness Specialist David Contarini helps employees to make better health choices – to improve their wellbeing and vitality through smarter eating and the uptake of exercise in order to make a meaningful difference to work and life.  It is an ‘easily digestible’ presentation filled with simple yet practical information about healthy which will educate, energise and engage the participants.

Our specialist Dave walks the talk, you will love him and he has made a big impact on us all here too!
For further information or to book a session call Happening People on 1800 68 67 69 or go to


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