Top 5 – Sales Skills for Everyone

For most people when they think Sales People they think of a Used Car Sales people, Real Estate Agents or a Door to Door Sales Person?  But what about a Customer Service Representative or an CEO or a Project Manager, they sell too it’s just not as obvious!

Some of the most important sales skills include persuasiveness, good listening skills, self-confidence, self-motivation and the ability to build strong relationships through empathy and rapport.  These skills are not exclusive to sales roles they are required by almost all roles.

In 2011 The Manpower Group surveyed nearly 40,000 employers across 39 countries and territories  and found the 2nd most difficult job for employers to fill were Sales Representative roles.  The Top 10 included, Engineers, skilled trade’s people, Administrative and office support staff, Accounting and finance staff and management executives.   When Employers were asked why they had trouble filling these roles it was because a key component included sales skills capabilities in all the roles.

The survey demonstrates that to be successful in any business or organisation strong sales capabilities are a must.

In light of this information we provide you with our top 5 on Sales Skills for Everyone. If after reading through our Top 5 you realise you or your team need to boost your sales skills give us a call we will be delighted to assist you.

1.  Sales Skills for People Managers
Effective People Managers are those that can sell their ideas through influence and persuasive action.   There’s an old saying that “features tell, benefits sell.” Features are the facts and benefits are their emotional connotations.  As a people manager you need to tell your people what you need them to do and then encourage them to do it by selling them the benefits.   For example: When conducting a performance appraisal you need to explain how they are performing and help them realise the benefits of lifting their performance to the next level.

2.  Sales Skills for Customer Service
When you get an annual insurance renewal you may need to call the contact centre and speak to one of their Customer Service Staff to update your details.  Their primary responsibility is to listen effectively, update your policy to reflect the changes you require and build rapport with you and provide you with the cover which meets your needs.  This is a process of upselling (buy more of what you have) or cross selling (offering other related products)Effectively you end up with a renewal of your Insurance and a Life Insurance policy you never knew you needed and now can’t live without!  So when servicing customers key sales skills are, rapport, empathy and needs of the customer.

3.  Sales Skills in your Career
Many people know of someone who seems to get every job they apply for or get promoted rapidly through an organisation and their career.  Sure they may be really good at their job but they are not necessarily the best.  One thing they all have in common is self-confidence and the ability to skilfully self-promote.  Some quick ways to build self-confidence is to dress the part, have good posture, walk fast (people with confidence walk quickly and with purpose) , speak up and focus on the contribution you wish to make to the world.   Moreover people who are good at managing their career sell the value of their skills, experience and knowledge to the organisation.

4.  Sales Skills in Leading Projects
Most Project Leaders will tell you it’s a tough gig.  The role of Project Leader covers a lot of areas and you need to be very strong in your ability to influence others to get a result.  To do this you need to be able to sell the vision to get all stakeholders on board and keep them there even when it gets difficult. Influencing is a key sales capability and understanding human behaviour plays a major role if you are a Project Manager.

5.  Sales Skills in a Team
Whether you lead the team or are part of the team one of the most important sales skills you need for work and life is the ability to build strong relationships.  To do this you need to use empathy (a person’s ability to understand what another is experiencing).  Empathy allows you to build trust and a connection with others and is necessary for interaction and full comprehension of the experience.  When strong relationships have been built and trust established your ability to ‘sell’ your idea or to ask for help is that much easier.

Sales skills are skills for life they aren’t just for sales people.  If you need to boost the sales skills in your organisation, talk to the International award winning leaders in Sales and Leadership Training.

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