Top 5 – How to Get the Most out of Your Coaching Sessions

With over $1 Billion dollars spent yearly on Executive Coaching in the US (Harvard Business Review) such a large investment needs a return. The good news is that when employees who are being invested in really work to get the best out of their coaching sessions the returns are high.

We all know a Personal Trainer won’t lift your weights for you, a Spiritual Guide will not live your life for you and an Executive Coach is not going to do your work for you either, but all of them will guide and support you through the process when you work in collaboration with them.
MetrixGloball LLC a recognised thought leader in the strategic application of coaching said in one study, executive coaching at Booz Allen Hamilton returned $7.90 for every $1 the firm spent on coaching.” This is what you call ‘real bang’ for your buck!

So how can you get the most bang out of your companies Executive Coaching dollars?  Once again Happening People rise to the challenge and answer the question with our Top 5 – Getting the Most Out of Your Executive Coaching Sessions.

1. Bring your Attitude
Hey, when you do bring your attitude, make sure it’s the right one!  Leave the ego at home, you will get much more out of your session if you can be open minded.  Sure, having someone discuss with you your work performance can be difficult at times, but you need to remember that the intention behind coaching is to make you aware of your behaviours and effectiveness to give you the tools to adapt them to best meet everyday challenges.  Throughout this process not only will you discover what needs improvement but what strengths, skills and talents you have that you can build upon to be at your best.

2. Be Selfish
Executive Coaching is an investment in you and what you most want. It is not a time to sit back and worry about others.  The time you dedicate to your coaching is yours and the more effective each session is the more benefit you will provide to others after each session.  That means you may need to push out a deadline or simplify your day.  You will need to put work second when it comes to scheduling your sessions and work to be ‘present and focused’ not just in ‘attendance’ at each session.

3. Set Goals
Whist your Executive Coach will be experienced in leading you through the process of Executive Coaching each coachee is an individual and no two sessions are the same.  Embrace your uniqueness and plan with your coach exactly what you want to achieve and work on a strategy to achieving it. You and your coach need to discuss each other’s role in the process, establish expectations of each other, clarify objectives and establish benchmarks for results.

4. Be Open to Change and New Ideas
Let yourself be challenged, for real growth doesn’t begin till we are outside our comfort zone.  Choose to walk into each session with an open mind and an inquiring spirit. This is your opportunity to learn from those who have walked your path before, someone capable of putting language and structure around your imperfections and provide a plan for the future.

5. Homework
Your Executive Coach will have you try new ideas, approaches, strategies and or communication skills. Make sure you try these out and take note of what worked and what didn’t work each time you try one of these. Committing extra time to looking more in depth at each idea will move you more quickly towards your coaching goals and overall effectiveness.

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Executive coaching is a way for the leader, manager or executive to be aware of and change their behaviour to meet each situation with effectiveness and to lead with authority, clarity and purpose.
Imagine if you could do all of this?  You can! With a little help from our Executive Coaching Team.
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