Top 5 – Happening People’s Best Blogs of 2012

Reflection BlogAs the year draws to a close we  reflect on another successful year and a full year of weekly blogs.  Our blogs underpin the work we do in Corporate Training as we specialise in leadership, sales and management development.  We love writing the blog and providing clients, business, leaders, managers and anyone else interested in our blog with the opportunity to gain valuable information and ‘How to’s’ about professional development.

Over the year we fine-tuned our blogs to offer a weekly Top 5 ‘How to….’  We delved into all types of hot tops from Gen Y to managing your boss, from learning how to close a sale to coaching your staff better.  Your thoughts and comments were truly appreciated and your suggested blog topics, very welcomed.

Over this past year we trebled our readership, we have embraced readers from all over the globe and look forward to the year ahead where new readers join us.

To close the year we offer you our Top 5 – Best Blogs of 2012 – based on readership.  There is a short summary of each blog and a link to it so that you can revisit it now or later.

1. How to Be a Great Mentor 
This  blog focused on how to mentor well. We looked at what exactly mentoring was and how it was different to coaching and we explored the activities good mentors undertake.  The top 5 Tips were:
1. Success is in the structure
2. Responsibilities of the Mentees
3. The 4 phases of mentoring
4. The role of the mentees manager
5. The importance of confidentiality

2. Get more leadership from your leader 
This blog received a lot of press coverage and was based on a survey conducted by Happening People which  asked the question ‘Are you one of 29% of Corporate Australian Workers who believe their boss is ineffective?’ The tips from this blog focused you on what they could do to get more leadership from your leader.  The top 5 tips were:
1. Look at your boss objectively
2. Let them know what you need them to do
3. Let them know when they are not doing it
4. ‘Be the Change you seek’
5. Know when to walk away

3. Top 5 Solution Selling Skills 
This blog explores the notion that everyone sells, leaders and managers sell ideas and change whilst parents sell bath time! You were provided details on what Solution Selling was and detailed the Top 5  Skills of successful solution sellers.  The top 5 tips were:
1.  Identify the customer and their behaviour
2. Listen, listen and listen some more, then listen some more again!
3. Help the customer design the solution
4. Present the solution
5. Manage, close, check results.

4. How to Give Quality Feedback
This blog was also compiled from a survey conducted by Happening People that revealed that 78% of respondents had told there boss to ‘shove it’! From some of the comments from respondents it would appear that it’s not just bosses on the receiving end of this type of feedback.  Some have told their colleagues, or their clients or their partners to ‘shove it’ too. Happening People responded to this survey with a comprehensive Top 5 on giving quality feedback. The top 5 tips were based on methods to giving feedback and included:
1.  Stop – Start – Do more of
2. The R.I.G.H.T  Way
3. The B.O.O.S.T Model
4. Medals, Missions, Clear Goals
5. Example, Effect, Change/ Congratulate Model.

5.How to Build Better Relationships in the workplace
This blog was published on Valentines Day and looked at relationships in the workplace and actions you could take to build better relationships.   We had some fun with this one and compared The Wiggles to The Warner Brothers and Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire and concluded they had all built there success on building good relationships.  The top 5 tips were:
1. Open the Channels of Communications
2. Build trust and earn respect
3. Seek to understand
4. Listen
5. Seek out their passions

Whether this is the first blog for Happening People you have read or whether you are an avid follower we thank you! And remember if Happening People can assist you with any of your Corporate Training needs or assist with your People Management needs we are just a phone call away on 1800 68 67 69 or visit our website at


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