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Top 5 – How to Let Go and Enjoy the Festivities While You Work

CrowdAre you careening  head long into the end of the year at warp speeds or are you spinning on the spot in a dizzying spin of deadlines?  Maybe you are heading gracefully to a gentle close or galloping to the post with style?

However you bring the year to a close the conflicting demands of deadlines and festivities are upon us and it can be difficult to navigate a balanced course through the final weeks of the year.  Do not fear Happening People come to your aid with our Top 5 – How to Let Go and Enjoy the Festivities While You Work

1. Tidy Up Loose Ends
As you launch into all the fun and festivities the years end brings it can be easy to get so caught up in the goings on that staying focused on what needs to be achieved can prove to be more difficult.  Use the final weeks of the year to work towards tidying up loose ends.   Ask your team to take a last look at their KPI’s, their Project Plans and Strategy Documents and formulate a plan that sees them achieving as much as possible.  Whilst it can be hard to focus members of your team at this point come the New Year you will be glad you did!

2. Think Resolutions and Goals
Now is the time to not only tidy up loose ends but to set goals for the New Year.  In December and January the word on everyone’s lips is resolutions and while it is important to consider what you would like to work on or improve on in the New Year, resolutions have a tendency to be one-week-wonder.  Goal setting is easy when you apply the frame work
SMARTAS: Specific, Measurable, Attractive, Realistic, Time Bound, Agreed and Stretching.  For more information on Goal setting click here Top 5 – To Mastering Goal Setting

3. Thank you’s
Thank you’s are so important, don’t let the year slip away without taking time to thank everyone who has helped and supported you through the year.  The list can be long and it’s not a list you want to leave anyone off who doesn’t deserve your heart felt gratitude, think about your family, your team, your boss, your assistant, clients, suppliers, other departments, the cleaning staff, the maintenance staff, the people who deliver your lunch, the coffee shop owners where you get your much needed morning coffee. Showing gratitude goes a long way to building powerful relationships.

4. Take Some Time Out
With the pressure of the new year’s tasks looming and under the weight of this year’s pressures its vital that you honour your, mental, physical and emotional states and take some time out to recharge the batteries.  It can be easy to quash the need for a break in favour of achieving more.  To easy feelings of tension of taking time away from the office, put plans into place that allow you time off without worrying that the organisation will crumble to its foundations without you (it probably won’t!!).  Having the time to rest and refuel your energy levels, expand your mind and let go of work pressures you can begin the new year refreshed and revitalised.

5. Think of Others
If you are able to leave the office for a well-deserved break consider those still working over the holiday period.  If you have a team try and put in place some treats and surprises which will make their working weeks a little more festive.   Think about allowing them to wear casual clothing or arrange a basket of special snacks, put a TV in the lunch room or leave some petty cash so they can order in lunch.  Whatever you can do to make this time special will be well received.

Happening People are focused all year long on organisations Health and Well Being, not just during the party season.  Our Happening Health Programs aim to give you and your team a balanced and holistic approach to bettering performance.  Call us on 1800 68 67 69 or visit our website for more detailed information on our Happening Health Programs.


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Top 5 – How to Protect your Mental and Emotional Health at Work

With a slew of reality television shows focused on weight loss and a healthy lifestyle when we think health we often only consider our physical health and not our mental and emotional health.

The workplace is a melting pot of high stress situations, poorly managed tensions, disappearing resources  and hidden agendas and of course an abundance of politics.  Our emotional and mental wellbeing is put to the test repeatedly and we can become worn down.  When this occurs disaster strikes and we become unwell, sending us into a negative spiral.  But is it all doom and gloom?

With a little help from some brilliant minds on mental health we have pulled together our Top 5 on How to Protect your Mental and Emotional Health at Work.

1. Nourish good Relationships
Professor Jane Fisher, the Jean Hailes Professor of Women’s Health at Monash states “Close relationships are one of the most important protective factors for mental health…” says Prof Fisher. “Nourish good relationships, be committed to them, and get professional help to address destructive or negative relationships if necessary.”  Your work day is full of interactions, and relies on your ability to develop good and lasting relationships with a wide variety of people.  Focus on developing strong bonds with colleagues, they really understand what you are going through on a day-to-day basis and can act as a great listening post and support system.

2. Be Kind to Yourself
Sally Connolly, a clinical social worker, therapist and co-founder of Counselling Relationships suggests making a decision to do something nice for yourself every day and stick to it. “For many people it has to be a conscious process,” says Connolly. “They must take time to do it. I often recommend some simple ritual as a way of honouring themselves.” She recommends something as simple as daily meditation to inspire peace and relaxation. Other rituals might involve:
Planning to make your favourite dinner once a week, or getting to work 20 minutes early to enjoy a chat and a coffee with colleagues, maybe it’s about getting off the bus a couple of stops early and enjoying a stroll home on a Friday evening.

3. Laughter is the Best Medicine
Paul E. McGhee, Ph.D. is a pioneer in humour research and says “Your sense of humour is one of the most powerful tools you have to make certain that your daily mood and emotional state support good health.”  Physically laughter relaxes the whole body, laughter boosts the immune system, laughter triggers the release of endorphins and laughter protects the heart. Emotionally laughter dissolves distressing emotions, laughter helps you relax and recharge and humour shifts perspective. At work the benefits of laughter include allowing you to be more spontaneous, let go of defensiveness, release inhibitions allowing you to do your best work and it allows you to express your true feelings.

4. Never Stop Dreaming
Richard Branson Gazillionaire and entrepreneur “…. you need to take the opportunity to focus on the future. Finding time for aspirational thought is vital. … I spend time every day with my notebooks and iPad, thinking over new dreams and ideas.” Your work day can be filled with procedures, guidelines and protocols.  It can be hard to think outside the square with restrictions placed on our thoughts.  Daring to dream broadens the mind and ignites creativity which in turn boosts our confidence, reduces our stress levels and gives us hope.

5. Keep your Job
Building financial security will help protect your mental and emotional state at work.  When you know your financial future is secure it frees your mind of stress and tension that could otherwise jeopardise your health.  David Koch, presenter, finance Journalist and commentator  has been voted by his peers as one of the ten most influential people of all time in the Australian financial services industry he states “…. the increase in joblessness should prompt action to ensure your position at work is secure. Now is the time to make yourself indispensable by learning, increasing awareness of those around you and taking on a bigger role in everything you do.”

Happening People know that good Emotional and Mental Health as well as Physical Health are vital to your overall well-being and that of your team and organisation which is why we offer Happening Health a program aimed at helping organisations become employers of choice by offering a holistic approach to their employees’ wellbeing.  If you would like to know more or to book a session please call us on 1800 68 67 69 or check out our website

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Top 5 – Changes You Can Make in the Workplace to Improve Your Health

Healthy LifestyleFeeling tired and sluggish or finding it hard to make it to 3pm without raiding the office cookie jar?  Does your business suit feel a little too snug?

In one of our online surveys we found over 60% of people said the organisation they worked for offered Health programs to their staff.  It is encouraging to see so many organisations supporting their employees in the pursuit of a healthier mind and body in the workplace supporting studies which prove that a healthy employee is a productive employee.

We have long believed that organisations who nurture the holistic employee are not only see better productivity but are better able to attract and retain employees.

So along with our Corporate Training and Professional Development Programs our new Leadership Wellbeing Specialist – David Contarini – is on hand to get your organisation on the healthy track with programs aimed at improving your employees health and lifestyle.  In the meantime we offer you our Top 5 – Changes you can make in the workplace to improve your health.

1. Walking During Lunch revealed a study that confirms that doing something as simple as a brisk 30 minute walk during lunch breaks can boost weight loss. The study found that women who increased their activity level by an additional 3,500 steps a day lost 2.5 kgs during the year.  The study found that men who added an additional 3500 steps to their day lost over 4kgs per year. Walking is a suitable physical activity for most people as it is low impact and easy to do. Regular walking can help you not only lose body fat but it can help  maintain a healthy weight, improve your fitness and reduce your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and some cancers.   And keep you motivated in the afternoons.

2. Bring Your Own Lunch
Processed foods contain some of the highest levels of sodium and preservatives than any foods consumed in a normal diet. If you are regularly buying your lunch from restaurants, food courts or other kiosks, you are being exposed to these high levels of sodium which can total three times the daily recommended amount of sodium from one meal. Some other benefits include:
– Eating more nutritious meals as you can plan your lunch
– Less ‘binge’ eating as you can eat when you are hungry not when you are ‘famished’
– Increase in overall weight loss
– A decrease in the amount of bloating or water retention
– Less money spent on fast food = more money in your hip pocket

3. Stand Up
Stand every 30 minutes for a 10 minute break, this breaks fatigue, promotes blood and nutrients circulation.  A couple of tips to get you moving in the right direction;

  1. Rather than send an email. Walk to the other end of the office and talk to the person you are sending the email to.
  2. Take the stairs as often as you can throughout the day.
  3. Have a walking meeting

4. Drink Water
Water is essential for the human body. The body cannot store water and must have fresh supplies every day to perform virtually every metabolic process.  Most mature adults lose about 2.5–3 litres of water per day. Water loss may be more in hot weather and with prolonged exercise. Therefore it is vital to restore this water loss at work, by drinking at least 1 litre of water there per day.  If you work out doors you would need to drink much more than this to replenish water loss.

5. Get The office Involved
Many workplaces have fresh fruit on offer, the staff of Careflight Queensland cleverly bought a blender for the office and used any leftover fruit to blend into a healthy smoothie.

  1. Enter a work team for a beginner’s triathlon, or a Corporate Rowing or Dragon Boating Challenge.
  2. One IT organisation got together on a weekend and built a walking track around their office for lunch time use.

Happening People’s new Nourish Program delivered by our Leadership Wellness Specialist David Contarini helps employees to make better health choices – to improve their wellbeing and vitality through smarter eating and the uptake of exercise in order to make a meaningful difference to work and life.  It is an ‘easily digestible’ presentation filled with simple yet practical information about healthy which will educate, energise and engage the participants.

Our specialist Dave walks the talk, you will love him and he has made a big impact on us all here too!
For further information or to book a session call Happening People on 1800 68 67 69 or go to

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